Our story begins

Let me tell you a lil story about Me, My Daughter and our Dianz journey.

Being a mom of 2 petite girls, it was frustrating to find dresses that fit them well. Buying dresses online mostly ended up either returning or altering it.

Size. Size. Size. I wondered, why can't a dress be adjustable? How hard can it be to make one? Not a second thought, I started tinkering around with my daughters’ old dresses. Cutting, sewing, altering whatnot.

My younger daughter Naina, was happy with my new found obsession as she gotta wear the newly experimented dresses. While my older daughter, Arya, didn’t seem very happy as she was the one losing her favorite outgrown dresses ;)

It caught Arya’s attention that I was having some real fun tinkering with colorful buttons, elastics and tazzles. She decided to join me. Together we had a fun time creating lovely dresses & posing for abundant goofy pics.

I started to work with well-known designers who helped me bring my concept to life. During these days we got an opportunity to set up our first stall at The Railroad Days in Seattle. Arya was super excited to showcase all the lovely themed hair bows that we had built together. We packed tents, tables, chairs and reached the venue at 6:30 am.

My poor baby. Her excitement was short-lived. Never did she realize how hard it was to close a sale. She expected people to just walk in and buy our products. People smiled, waved, said nice words but never bought anything from our stall.

She started to become impatient and then disheartened. As a mom, my heart sunk. I could see tears roll down her cheeks. I went up to her, cheered her up and said softly “WE Never Ever Give Up”

Soon Arya found ways to getting people's attention. She started asking people if they would like to visit her store and she offered free tattoos to kids while the parents shop at our stall. I told ya my lil girl doesn’t give up ;) By the end of the day, my lil trooper sold 3 dresses and 28 hairbows. Way to go.Never did I realize Arya had a strong business acumen unlike me ;)

That was our first win. She wanted more.

We set up an online website, got more dresses professionally made. Everything with one single motto - Extensibility or dresses that give you a tailored fit.

I could see myself literally juggling 24x7 with my boutique, family, kids, well not to mention my youngest child, my husband ;) I am guilty of not spending enough time with them. This guilt was killing me inside. I started to work after hours when kids are asleep.

Once after reading those really long bedtime stories and tucking them with a goodnight kiss, I quietly sneaked out to get back to my work. A soft hug came from behind and said “ah so that's what keeps you sleepless at night? I want to help too. Can I write thank you notes, please? I promise to write it neatly and without spelling mistakes.

During our journey until now, we had a few successes and many many failures. I encouraged my daughter to dream big and never ever give up on failures.

As a mom, I am a strong believer that each kid is unique and grows differently. With this concept in mind, we build extensible dresses - dresses that guarantees a perfect fit.

Follow your heart, live your dream. I owe it to you my dear daughter for inspiring me in each & every way.